SHINee – Juliette (Japanese Ver.) : Millati97
✔ Girls’ Generation(SNSD) – Trick : TheCarlisthebest
✔ Trouble Maker [All songs] : KPopLoverForever, 09LilyoftheValley, b2stkpoplover, mvan1108, Chwluvs
✔  INFINITE – BTD (Before The Dawn) (Japanese Ver.) : atinhae9286
✔  2NE1 – Go Away (Japanese Ver.) : yamakifan143
✔  Super Junior – Mr. Simple (Japanese Ver.) : TheNorfarahinmusic
✔  2NE1 – Lonely (Japanese Ver.) : MsJoannaJuliet
✔  Super Junior – Happiness : Melkpoplover
✔  Super Junior (Donghae & Eunhyuk) – 떴다 오빠(Oppa Has Arrived) : atinhae9286
✔  T-ARA/T♔ARA – 러비더비(Lovey-Dovey) : TheNorfarahinmusic
✔  TEEN TOP – Girlfriend : Elli (via WordPress)
BIGBANG – Beautiful Hangover : MsJoannaJuliet
BIGBANG – My Heaven : MsJoannaJuliet
MBLAQ – 전쟁이야(It’s War) : Elli (via WordPress/Twitter)
MBLAQ – 모나리자(Mona Lisa) : ThomZzZzz (via WordPress)
✔ T-ARA/T♔ARA – Cry Cry (Original Ver.) : ThomZzZzz (via WordPress)
Starship Planet – 핑크빛 로맨스(Pink Romance) : ThomZzZzz (via WordPress)
U-KISS – 시끄러!!(Shut Up!!) : Jessica (via WordPress)
2NE1 (Sandara) Kiss (Feat. Lee Minho) : Jessica (via WordPress)
2PM – I’m Your Man : atinhae9286
FTISLAND – Distance : atinhae9286
FTISLAND – Satisfaction : atinhae9286
G-Dragon – Heartbreaker : TheCarlisthebest
4MINUTE – Ready Go : KPopLoverForever
ZE:A – Daily Daily : sunmimijjang
ZE:A – Watch Out (Japanese Ver.) : sunmimijjang
INFINITE – Cover Girl (Live Ver.) : atinhae9286
U-KISS – Forbidden Love : TheNorfarahinmusic, atinhae9286, AngeLight02
U-KISS – A Shared Dream : AngeLight02, MimiHibari1888, chibimoon123456789, yamakifan143
Jay Park – Breed [All songs] : TheSupergirl502
IU – Good Day (Japanese Ver.) : yamakifan143
Wheesung – Music : TwilightBizarre
✔ INFINITE – You’re My First : yamakifan143
✔ INFINITE – Be Mine (Japanese Ver.) : yamakifan143, atinhae9286, 9095shinki, nazirahss501
B1A4 – IGNITION [All songs] : yamakifan143
U-KISS – Orion : sternschmuck
U-KISS – Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe : sternschmuck
FTISLAND – Neverland : TheNorfarahinmusic
EXO-K – Machine : kanna chan
HITT – Good Night : kimhyena94
HITT – I’ll Always Love You : kimhyena94
Hilchryme – Daijobu : Nurfairuz (via WordPress)
Hilchryme – Please Cry : Nurfairuz (via WordPress)
miss A – Mr. Johnny : Rocky (via WordPress)
miss A – Break It : Rocky (via WordPress)
miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl : Rocky (via WordPress)
SECRET – Shy Boy (Japanese Ver.) : Nana (via WordPress)
SECRET – Starlight, Moonlight (Christmas Japanese Ver.) : Nana (via WordPress)
SECRET – So Much For Goodbye : Nana (via WordPress)
2NE1 – Hate You : Rocky (via WordPress)
2NE1 – Scream : wea (via WordPress)
KARA – Mister (Japanese Ver.) : Traci Anne Orbeta (via WordPress)
TVXQ – Why Did I Fall In Love With You? : Traci Anne Orbeta (via WordPress)
TVXQ – B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) : Traci Anne Orbeta (via WordPress)
TVXQ – I Don’t Know : Traci Anne Orbeta (via WordPress)
EXO-K – MAMA [All songs] : Sel (via WordPress)
EXO-M – MAMA [All songs] : Sel (via WordPress)
F.CUZ – NO. 1 : aj3635
TaeTiSeo (TTS) – Twinkle : TonyPK96
X-5 – Do You Wanna See Me Go Crazy : 1502nhlt1807
Byul – Fly Again : 1502nhlt1807
Super Junior – Opera (Japanese Ver.) : atinhae9286
✔ BTOB – 아버지(Father) : Joanne94able
SHINee – Sherlock (Japanese Ver.) : SicMu2

Girl’s Day – Oh My Gosh! : Patrick (via WordPress)
Dalmatian – E.R : ‘Alana S. Cesmistruk
Show Luo – Dante : minnelover (via WordPress)
Show Luo – Hero : minnelover (via WordPress)
✔ U-KISS – 사랑이 멈출 때(When Love Stops) : b2uty (via WordPress)
SHINee – Amigo (Japanese Ver.) : nasyavhi (via WordPress)
✔ TEEN TOP – Baby U : Hyeri (via WordPress)
✔ U-KISS – Te Amo : Jessica (via WordPress)
LED APPLE – Sadness : Sunghae (via WordPress)
SISTAR – So Cool : starnurin14
B.A.P – Warrior : 1502nhlt1807
Seungri – I Know (Feat. IU) : 1502nhlt1807
U-KISS – We Set Off! : ForeverAKissMe
Cross Gene – La-Di Da-Di : linkinmanga
✔ Girls’ Generation(SNSD) – Paparazzi : Tonje phongam kårvik, KpopandAnisong4Eva, maxzati
Kim Hyunjoong – Heat : musiclovergirl86

50 thoughts on “Requests?

  1. .Annyeong ! :)
    .i would like to request can u sub boyfriend’s mv my lady jap & kimi to dance dance dance ?
    .Gomawo ! keep up the good work <3

  2. Hi, could you please upload the Boyfriend Be My Shine Eng sub on YouTube? I don’t think the video is blocked worldwide anymore because the Full MV is already on YouTube. Pretty please?^^ Thanks in advance.

  3. Pingback: WELCOME! ^^ | Color-Coded K-Pop, J-Pop, and C-Pop/M-Pop Lyrics!^^
  4. can u sub a video of fanta idol that featured lee kwang soo in it? i know it’s not really a kpop song video but it’s a fun mv and i can’t find it with sub anywhere.. so, yeah.. i’m hoping. pretty pleaassee..

  5. can you please subbed this video in han/eng/roman —>> /watch?v=i6oEfjRr5Zk
    i’ll appreciate it a lot… thank you.. :)

  6. Hey, i know you must have a lot of requests but because i can’t find it anywhere i had to request it. Can you please do Show Luo’s ‘Dante’ and ‘Hero’ lyrics and translation video? thank you~~~~

  7. hello! can you sub EXO-M and EXO-K’s debut album? all the songs in it?
    i’m sorry for making so many requests at once T_T
    but if you could do it, i’d hug you! NO, SERIOUSLY! *virtual hug*
    take it slow~ thanks! ^^

  8. Hi, I actually have another request. It might be a little too soon and I know you’re busy, but I just wanted to let you know.
    I would like you to sub TVXQ – B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) and TVXQ – I don’t know.
    They are both in Japanese. If you have time, please sub these songs. :)

  9. 2NE1 -Hate you. I’m so so so so sorry for making a lot fo request, I’m just a writer who’s learning korean, and I wanted to start of with music.

  10. I want to request Secret – Shy Boy (Japanese Ver.), Starlight Moonlight (Christmas Japanese Ver.) & So Much For Goodbye (Kore Kurai no Sayonara). Sorry for making too many request at once. I hope you can fulfill my requests. Thanks.

  11. Can you put up Mr. Johny, Break it, and Bad Girl Good Girl from Miss A??> PLease I can’f find the real translation ANYWHERE! And I really need them, so can you please try and put them up?

  12. Hye! Can you try to upload Hilchryme- Daijobu and Please Cry? It’s a japanese song, and it’s very hard to find the english subbed version. Could you please help me?

  13. I know there REALLY OLD ^-^ but can you ☆PLEASE☆ sub U-KISS -Shut Up and
    2NE1 Dara – KISS (with Lee Min Ho)
    Thanks =^.^=

  14. Hello.. Can you please upload T-ara – Roly Poly again but atleast with 720p HD?
    I also want to request MblaQ – Mona Lisa, T-ara – Cry Cry (Original Version) and Star ship Planet – Pink Romance..
    Sorry too many request music videos from me..

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