Wonder Girls

Yeeun (Yenny), Sohee, Hyerim (Lim), Sunye (Sun), Yubin

Korean: 원더걸스
Japanese: ワンダーガールズ
Debut: February 13, 2007
Company Labels: JYP Entertainment (South Korea), DefStar Records (Japan), Jonas Records (USA), United Asia Management (Asia)
Official Fan Club: Wonderful
Official Color: Pearl Burgundy


= Title Track


2집 Wonder World

Release Date: November 07, 2011
Format: Official Full-Length Album
Language: Korean

01. G.N.O (Girls Night Out)
 02. Be My Baby
03. Girls Girls
04. Me, in
05. Sweet Dreams
06. Stop!
07. Dear. Boy
08. 두고두고(Do Go Do Go) (Sunye & Yeeun)
09. SuperB (Sohee & Yubin)
10. Act Cool (Hyerim Feat. San E)
11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
12. Nu Shoes
13. Be My Baby (English Ver.)



Wonder Party

Release Date: June 03, 2012
Format: Mini Album
Language: Korean

01. R.E.A.L.
 02. Like This
03. Hey Boy
04. Girlfriend
05. Sorry
06. The DJ Is Mine


Like Money

Release Date: July 10, 2012
Format: Misc Single

 01. Like Money (Feat. Akon)


Nobody For Everybody

Release Date: July 25, 2012
Format: Mini Album
Language: Japanese

01. Nobody ~あなたしか見えない~
02. Nobody (2012 Korean Ver.)
03. Nobody (2012 English Ver.)
04. Be My Baby (Korean Ver.)
05. Saying I Love You (2012 Ver.)
06. ボーナストラック(You’re Out) (2012 Ver.)

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