Block B

Jaehyo, Kyung, U-Kwon, Zico, B-Bomb, Taeil, P.O.

Korean: 블락비
Japanese: ブロック・ビー
Debut: April 15, 2011
Company Labels: Brand New Stardom (South Korea)
Official Fanclub: BBC (Block B Club)
Official Color: Purple

Block B is a seven-member South Korean boy group formerly under Brand New Stardom.


= Title Track



Release Date: October 17, 2012
Format: Official Full-Length Album
Language: Korean

01. 11:30
02. Interlude
 03. 닐리리맘보
04. Mental Breaker
05. 장난없다 (No Joke)
06. Movie’s Over
07. 넌 어디에
08. 로맨틱하게
09. 했어 안했어
10. Halo
11. 닐리리맘보 (Inst.)
12. Mental Break (Inst.)



Very Good

Release Date: October 02, 2012
Format: Mini Album
Language: Korean

 01. Very Good
02. 빛이 되어줘
03. 언제 어디서 무엇을 어떻게 (Park Kyung Solo) (Feat. Jo Hyunah [Urban Zakapa])
04. Nice Day
05. Very Good (Inst.)




Release Date: July 24, 2014
Format: Mini Album
Language: Korean

01. 보기 드문 여자
 02. HER
03. 이제 날 안아요
05. Very Good (Rough Ver.)
06. JACKPOT (Inst.)

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