Junhyung [BEAST/B2ST], BTOB, and Han Yeonsoo – 지난 날(Past Days)


Title: 지난 날(Past Days)
Artist: 용준형(Junhyung) & 비투비(BTOB) & 하연수(Han Yeosoo)
Album: 몬스타 Part 1 (tvN•Mnet 뮤직드라마)


Album Covers

Junhyung [BEAST/B2ST] (Main Rapper) : Green
Eunkwang [BTOB] (Leader and Main Vocalist) : Blue
Minhyuk [BTOB] (Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, and Visual) : Purple
Changsub [BTOB] (Lead Vocalist) : Yellow
Hyunshik [BTOB] (Main Dancer and Vocalist) : Red
Peniel [BTOB] (Sub-Vocalist and Rapper) : Pink
Ilhoon [BTOB] (Main Rapper) : Orange
Sungjae [BTOB] (Vocalist and Maknae) : Bright/Lime Green
Han Yeonsoo : Bright/Sky Blue

Hangul + Romanization Lyrics/Subs



English Translations



Lyrics Credit : B2STRISING


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