T-ARA N4 – 전원일기 (田遠日記) (Jeon Won Diary) (Feat. Double Kick and Taewoon [SPEED])


Title: 전원일기 (田遠日記) (Jeon Won Diary)
Artist: 티아라 N4(T-ARA N4) (Feat. 이단옆차기(Double Kick) and 태운(Taewoon))
Album: 전원일기


Album Covers

Eunjung (Lead Vocalist and Lead Rapper) : Blue
Hyomin (Lead Vocalist and Rapper) : Purple
Jiyeon (Vocalist and Main Dancer) : Orange
Ahreum (Vocalist and Rapper) : Bright/Lime Green
Featuring — Double Kick : Green
Featuring — Taewoon [SPEED] (Leader, Main Rapper, and Vocalist) : Red

Hangul + Romanization Lyrics/Subs•



•English Translations•



Lyrics Credit : Tiara Diadem


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