100% – WE, 100%


Title: WE, 100%
Artist: 백퍼센트(100%)
Album: WE, 100%


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    • All/Full Tracks
    • Individual Tracks

Album Covers

Minwoo (Leader and Vocalist) : Green
Rokhyun (Main Vocalist) : Blue
Jonghwan (Vocalist) : Purple
Chanyong (Rapper) : Orange
Changbum (Rapper) : Red
Hyukjin (Vocalist) : Light Purple
Sanghoon (Vocalist and Maknae) : Yellow

•Hangul + Romanization Lyrics/Subs•

[Rokhyun] 우리가 왜 우리가 왜
Uriga Wae, Uriga Wae
우리가 왜 사랑을 해서
Uriga Wae, Sarangeul Haeseo
[All] 백퍼센트


•English Translations•

[Rokhyun] Why us, why us?
Why did we do it because of love?
[All] 100%


Lyrics Credit : 10Squared


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