Title: aRtisT
Artist: 틴탑 (TEEN TOP)
Album: aRtisT


  • Mini Album
    • All/Full Tracks
    • Individual Tracks

Album Covers

C.A.P (Leader and Main Rapper) : Orange
Chunji (Lead Vocalist and Visual) : Yellow
L.Joe (Lead Rapper and Visual) : Red
Niel (Main Vocalist) : Purple
Ricky (Vocalist and Lead Dancer) : Blue
Changjo (Main Dancer, Vocalist, and Maknae) : Green

•English Lyrics/Subs•

[C.A.P] I feel so empty
It’s like…. It’s kinda….
Damn, I can’t explain

[L.Joe] Please save me from this pain
I can’t take this anymore
Baby please….

[L.Joe] Please don’t drive me insane
I miss you everyday


Lyrics Credit: N/A


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